Google no more a Teen..!! Happy 20th Birthday.


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2018-09-28 18:42:03

It’s hard to express how the world would seem without Google. I personally sense that we all would be a dump of boredom then. There is not a single instance where we don’t rely on Google, we can stop over hunger but not over Google. Simply, that’s how the days are now. Google’s 20th birthday opened the idea to write and walk-through Google over the years. Hopefully, that’s my present to Google!

In the past two decades, the company has puffed in size and scope. With over a billion users and its products, Google is on the throne of the search engine, browser, and mobile operating system. Also, its advertisements swing over 90 percent of the worldwide users. Of course the Search, Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Maps, Translation, Play Store, Drive (the file storage), Ads & Analytics, Google play Movies and TV, Google Home, Google Wi-Fi, Google Pay the recently added and a whole suite of applications (too many to list here) and a lot of them are free. You use Gmail for e-mail, Docs for sharing all sorts of documents, Maps for navigation, Earth for geographic and topographic information (and even oceanographic maps), Calendar to organize all of your life's activities (which I rely on a daily basis), and many other applications for both personal and professional purposes. The Google line-up also includes Google + (for social networking), Finance, and many more. Also, a new ranking algorithm for image search will show more relevant context and information about the source. 

Keeping with tradition, Google has posted a 20th birthday doodle where the video doodle is highlighting the searches over the years, a street view tour of the original garage where Larry Page and Sergey Brin set up the first Google office, popular search terms in several languages’, from buzz about Y2K to the translation for “Love”. They acclaimed they aspire to organize the world's data and make it accessible and useful across. And the doodle is more fun which is an exciting start for the usage, not only animated attractive but also informative on special occasions and events as an element of back-patting.



Financially, the parent company Alphabet is progressively advancing a $1 trillion market cap. Last year, it reeled in $110.9 billion in revenue, out of which 99 percent was coming from Google and some major percent coming from ads specifically. The company has also launched the as a website that’s committed to noteworthy facts from the last 20years of search trends.

Example: We searched for the sauce in 2009 and 2010 more than ever.

There is no chance you could escape from Google even if you avoided all of the Google’s signature products. So basically while Google is working on creating new needs for the users, it also develops new ways to address them. Without it, we might have to remember more things, instead of pulling out our phone to Google (as a verb) and give an instant answer. But Google is all around, and accessing it is easy anywhere.

We would just be lame and rotten minds with no creativity and progress without Google. Hats off and applauds to Google for the tremendous contribution and evolution. Now I couldn’t conclude my article as well without the help of Google to be honest which helped me list out the areas of its presence and usage apart from my personal point of view on the same. Thus Google being a necessity, a compulsion is what I draw. And jammy to be a Googler. I actually fall short of words to describe the disaster which would take place without Google and also to praise the noble contribution by Google.

Happy Birthday Google..!!

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